5 Things You Need To Know
About The Beauty Subscription Everyone's Talking About
With more than 500 designer fragrances and 250,000 users, Scentbird's been revolutionizing the fragrance game since 2014.

Scentbird is a subscription service that lets you choose a new designer scent every month for just $14.95. Beloved by editors and fragrance lovers alike, Scentbird will send a 30-day supply of perfume or cologne to your door, every month.
How much does it cost?
Scentbird's basic subscription costs $14.95/month... so, about the price of lunch in New York City, or the cost of three cappuccinos or less than two fresh-pressed juices. It's the most affordable way to sample the most scents!
How many perfumes do I get each month?
With a basic subscription you'll one scent every month for $14.95. Each atomizer is filled with a 30-day supply of scent (more on that below!). You can also upgrade to 2 fragrances per month (for $25) or 3 fragrances per month (for $35) if you can't just get enough scents.
How many sprays will I get in my atomizer?
A 30-day supply of fragrance gives you 4 sprays per day; so, you'll get 120-140 sprays in each atomizer!
How many perfumes do you have?
Our 500 fragrances are a mix of best-selling designer scents and niche brands (more than any other department store). If you're having a difficult time choosing a scent, we have millions of reviews from our active perfume community. Plus, we also have a scent quiz that will help identify the best perfumes or colognes for you!
If you don't know what types of scents you might be interested in trying, check out this tailored Scent Quiz.
How do I know they're real?
All of our fragrances are 100% authentic. We partner directly with designer and niche brands to ensure we're supplying the absolute best fragrances around.
Skip the department stores. You don't need anymore oversized and outdated bottles of fragrance that you'll never finish. Try Scentbird: a smarter way to explore fragrances and try much more for much less. Can't commit to just one scent? Now you don't have to. With Scentbird, you can discover something new every single month for just $14.95 Sign on. Smell incredible. Get started today!
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