9 reasons to try beauty products
on scentbird.com
Originally created as a platform for sampling designer fragrances monthly and connecting people who love perfume and cologne, Scentbird is now so much more than just fragrance. The site recently expanded its beauty universe to include an amazing assortment of full-sized beauty products, at a fraction of what it costs to shop at Macy's or other department stores.

Why should you give Scentbird a try? We've compiled a nine reasons, below:
Luxury labels 24/7 for a special price.
Get must-have fragrances and makeup from best-selling brands like Elizabeth & James, Kate Spade, Kat Von D, tarte, and more - all for 25% to 40% cheaper than what you would pay in a department store.
Get exactly what you want.
Skip samples and other subscription boxes that don't let you choose what you want to receive in the mail. Now, you can select what you want to try every month on Scentbird for just $14.95/month!
Fragrance. Makeup. Skincare.
The choice is yours - and yours alone - every single month. Smell fresh, look incredible, do you!
Fragrance can be expensive, Scentbird isn't.
For $14.95/month you can try a new designer perfume or cologne every single month. Plus, you can upgrade to try up to three products a month.
More, More, More.
Over 500 designer and niche fragrance at your fingertips. Plus, limited edition makeup updated regularly! Build your perfect beauty routine with a full range of makeup, skincare and scents!
Community first!
Browse thousands - seriously, millions! - of reviews of perfumes, colognes, bath and body products, makeup and more, created by 250,000 subscribers. There is truly something for everyone.
Super flexible options to suit your lifestyle.
You can try one, two or three products per month on Scentbird. This includes ALL products in every category. Plus, you can change the frequency of your deliveries, skip or cancel at any time.
Never leave home without your must-haves.
Travel-sized fragrances, full-size makeup = now you can take your beauty essentials with you wherever you go.
Save smart. Feel amazing.
Subscribe today and enjoy 25% off your first month! Choose from amazing brands and pay only $11 for your first order!
Sign on, subscribe and enjoy discovering new fragrances, makeup and skincare products every month. Don't hesitate, select your first product today.
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