Can Billie Blonde Re-Create Amazing Insta-Glam Looks Using Just One Palette?
We challenged Billie Blonde to re-create and rate some of Deck of Scarlet's most popular makeup tutorials on Youtube. Below, she shares her technique and gives a behind-the-scenes look on how she did it. Scroll on to see if she's mastered your fave look...

"My news feed is full of makeup gurus and beauty professionals that make every makeup application look easy and effortless! I am hear to show you the real deal," says Billie Blonde.

Using Deck of Scarlet edition No.--04, Billie Blonde recreates five incredible looks, using one makeup palette! Deck of Scarlet's full-face palettes include eyeshadow, blush, highlighter and lip products - all the color cosmetics you need!
Instagram Vs Reality: Look 1 (Melly Sanchez)
Day 1 - Melly Sanchez is a fashion and beauty icon and I am obsessed with her fierce Instagram makeup looks. I used Sagittarius, a dark red eyeshadow, on my crease and then Diamond Dust on my lid. I tapped one of my personal eyeliner, and extended the line beyond the lash line to add drama. After that, I applied the gorgeous highlighter, Pinot Grigio, to the inner corners, and finished the look with the Sasha lip cream. Throughout the day, all of my makeup remained perfectly intact - except the eyeliner, which I had reapply after walking my dog in the wind. I got back to the house looking like a panda - and not the cute type! Difficulty 4/5
Look 2 (Kate's Beauty Station)
Day 2 - I found this photo of Kate, rocking daytime glam, and I just had to recreate it! This is definitely the closest to my own makeup routine! I used Adorable, which is actually blush, in the crease of my eye, and it blended out like a dream! I amped up the shadow with Sagittarius, creating a wing shape (I extended this below my lash-line as well). Using the graphic lip crayon as a base, I applied a coat of my trusty lip cream in Sasha on top. Afterwards, I added a bit of Pinot Grigio to my lids and the middle of my bottom lip, and I was good to go! This look was super easy and way more realistic than most makeup looks on Instagram! Difficulty 2/5
Look 3 (Melly Sanchez)
Day 3 - Back to my girl Melly Sanchez. I have never tried a cut-crease before, but have always wanted to since all the Instagram hype around the Nikki Tutorials. Although I was intimidated by Melly's eyeshadow skills, I decided to try it out anyway. Using the the blush hue, Adorable, as a transition shade in my crease, I deepened the effect using New York, a beautiful, smoky eyeshadow packed with shimmer. Apply concealer with a small brush, I created the cut-crease, and finished it off with silvery Diamond Dust. On my lips,I used my new top combo: the Graphic Lip Crayon and Sasha. The result wasn't as precise as Melly's, but the outline was nearly there. If it wasn't for the insanely pigmented eyeshadow, this whole look would have been a hot mess. Also: Diamond Dust was the all-out favorite of my friends when we went out for cocktails later that evening! Difficulty 5/5
Look 4 (Nikki French Makeup)
Day 4 - After venturing into full-on glam territory, I just could not resist a Nikki French Makeup look! She is absolutely breathtaking in this flawless photo. After attempting a cut-crease (above), I decided I wanted to practice some more, and Nikki's smoky eye was a perfect fit! Starting out, I reached for Adorable, the multi-purpose blush, as a transition in my crease. It's great for blending any shade. Then I applied my own concealer, and covered my lids with New York. I used a more precise brush to create a wing effect with the eyeshadow, I'm actually really pleased with the outcome! I used Pinot Grigio in the inner corner of my eyes and cheekbones and then Sasha on my lips. I found that prepping my eyes with concealer, made it even more pigmented. I loved this look and kept it on all day. Who doesn't want to look like Nikki French all day, right? Difficulty 3/5
Look 5 (Melly Sanchez)
Day 5 - For my last and final look, I chose another Melly Sanchez look! This look didn't require a lot on my eyes, only a pair of my favorite falsies and that beautiful highlighter hue all over my lid! For this look, I decided to change up my lip color. I always rely on nudes, but wanted to push myself to full Instagram glam. To achieve Melly's look, I used the Maria lip cream, and was so surprised at how pigmented the formula was. I have never tried a purple shade before, and am now in love! On the middle of my lips, I tapped on some of the highlighter, Pinot Grigio, and can i just say: this is the perfect name for that shade. So easy and effortless, I can see myself recreating this look again and again. Difficulty 1/5
All in all, Deck Of Scarlet's all-in-one palette was one of the most versatile palettes I have ever used!

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