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How To Choose Cologne: Guys, This One's For You
By Hilary Sheinbaum
When it comes to personal hygiene: taking showers, wearing deodorant and washing your hair, is standard (at least we hope so). But, while many guys think fragrance isn't 100% necessary, there's evidence that it certainly helps in social -- and, ahem, romantic -- situations, too.

Scent is one of the strongest of the five senses, and it's very much tied to memory -- meaning: the woman you're attempting to pick up at the bar might not remember your name (at first), but she'll forever link your fragrance to your face.
And, if your significant other -- or the one you're pursuing -- is going to think of you in relation to the way you smell, you're likely going to want to smell really (really) good.
Case in point: my good friend Justin never wore cologne. He just didn't know what to try, where to buy, or where to begin, really. But, once he found his favorite (Tom Ford Noir), he was hooked -- and so was his date.
"She kept complimenting me how great I smelled, which made me feel good, but it also lingered on her clothes, so she'd remember me throughout the day - and told me so."
Like Justin, often guys don't know where (or how) to try fragrances. There are so many brands and scents to choose from.
Enter: Scentbird. Straight up, it's your new go-to for not overthinking it. You gotta take that bottle for a ride. Get some reactions. See if it's really you. No mall kiosk or glue-y magazine sample is gonna do the trick. But this will: Scentbird Men, the new cologne-by-subscription service now taking customers. Think of it like Netflix for colognes, starting at $14.95/month.
Here's how it works:
Sign up by type in your email and create
a password
(it takes less than 60 seconds)
Choose a scent (or two or three) to sample for 30 days (there are 450+ options available)
Get your cologne delivered directly to your door
Some pointers: if you're familiar with some of the many designer and/or niche brands available, and want to give them a shot, go for it! It's easy to stick to what you know (at first) and then venture out from there. And, because there aren't in-person aisles of scents to choose from, there's less of a chance of feeling overwhelmed by so many options (remember: up to three at a time!). And you won't lose the sensation of smelling a million perfumes -- which can quickly happen when you're comparing a bunch at a time.

The best part is, there's no wrong choice. If you like your initial selection(s), make it your permanent, personal scent. If not, they'll keep arriving to your door on a monthly basis until you find the one that fits you.
The first vial of cologne comes in a reusable case, ensuring no accidents (like broken glass or leaking within toiletry or gym bags), and you can reuse them for each vial that follows. Every container contains 140 sprays, meaning, there's enough product to last you four spritzes per day… (of course, I warn them: don't over do it)!
At the end of the day, the ability and decision to pick what works best is your choice -- but, you can definitely expect to get some feedback from others in your life, too.
There's no point in prolonging -- why wait for an elevated, refined version of you? Get started ASAP to (obviously) smell better, and achieve (welcomed) attention thanks to your newfound scent.
Your girlfriend can thank us later.
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