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4 Fragrances You Will Fall in Love With
The search for true love can be a risky and time consuming one.
Are you short on time? Is there a limited selection of fragrances in your area? Are you simply not fond of shopping (don't worry you aren't alone)?
If you answered yes to any of these question and consider yourself a fragrance lover then Scentbird is for you.
Majority of the below fragrances weren't my love at first sight. The moral of the story here is take your time sister and have fun!

By Masha Koster

Crystal Noir, Versace

If dramatic is the name of our game, then you will appreciate Crystal Noir. You don't need accessories when you are wearing it - it's an great statement piece on it's own.
Long black dress with an open décolletage, evening spent at a theatre, best dressed audience, the air is filled with excitement, velvet chairs, the curtains are about to be lifted, the lights are off...
Very interesting, mood-lifting and seductive fragrance for a true femme fatale. Dark and luxurious like its bottle, it's a delicate composition of creamy gardenia, spicy pepper, sweet amber and musk.

Prada Candy, Prada
When you hear the name of the fragrance you can be forgiven for worrying whether or not it will give you diabetes. But, if you've been avoiding trying this Candy, you've been majorly missing out, because during a personal encounter it turned out to be calm, beautiful and soft.
Sure, it does have some caramel sweetness paired with vanilla benzoin at the heart, but its base has an elegant powdery Prada identity, which comes in as a refreshing note just when you are done with the dessert.
This is a scent of a happy life - a young glamorous female walking through market stalls enjoying fairy floss, having a day off from her busy ambitious city life.

Narciso Rodriguez for Her EDT

This paradoxical and provocative fragrance is just like its bottle: beautiful Black Hole that sucks in curious perfume lovers attracted by the extraordinary scent.
What happens after depends on how your nose and your skin react to musk, which can have a mind of it's own when you are applying it.
Some olfactory reports range from B.O., to grannies, to cat litter. Grand, isn't it?
But if you manage to tame Rodriguez, you may end up with nothing less than your personal brand of heroin.
This erotic potion is a wild combination of famous aphrodisiacs: sensual musk, amber, vanilla, as well as the African orange flower and osmanthus that gives the fragrance an interesting apricot/bakery note.
The result is a weapon of mass destruction - men find it hard to resist complimenting the fragrance and seem to try to keep closer to the source of the scent.

L'eau d'issei, Issey Miyake
For occasions where you need to look professional, cool and collected I recommend having an aquatic floral fragrance in the collection.

L'eau D'Issey is a perfect example, and it has become a legendary fragrance, being a classy and elegant scent. It's not sugary sweet or in any way overpowering.

Wear it with a white shirt and a suit and it won't give out any emotions, the perfect fragrance to wear to court with an ex-husband or for a performance appraisal when you want to ask for a raise.

It's also an easy fragrance to wear with just jeans and a T-shirt. On a hot summer day it will keep you cool with the refreshing whiff of water from a lake in the middle of a flower field filled with lotus flowers and lilies.
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