20+ Things You Can Order On Scentbird
That Aren't Perfume: Skincare, Makeup + More
Scentbird subscribers have exclusive access to limited edition makeup from best-selling brands including Tarte, Kat Von D and Trestique at Scentbird's flat subscription rate (just $14.95). On average, these products retail for $20 or more, so you can enjoy huge savings as well!
Check out what the Scentbird community has to say about all the diverse offering:
Makeup Palettes
I am really impressed with Deck of Scarlet #6 Zero Gravity makeup palette! The eyeshadows are nicely pigmented and the blush is silky! I'm most impressed with the red lip color! It's creamy and so highly pigmented that it works more like a lip stain. The red color is so rich and beautiful! I got both a work look and evening look from this palette. I highly recommend this palette!"

Brenda, June 2018
Makeup Products
When I first saw it on Scentbird, I couldn't believe it! My favorite Kat Von D and Tarte, which cost over $20 at Sephora are here and for just $14.95 (your subscription price). And all full-size! It's such a brilliant opportunity to switch from perfumes to favorite makeup brands and try new products. Thank you Scentbird!"

Julya, August 2018
Scented Candles
I LOVE this candle! It's my first pick of all the candle scents and I am in LOVE ♥. It smells just like Blackberries with a hint of Earl Grey, which is very subtle. It burns very strong yet not overpowering. The perfect amount of fragrance emits while burning and makes you feel so relaxed and tranquil. I can't wait to try more candle scents. Thank you ScentBird for now offering candles which I am obsessed with...シ!"

Clover, March 2018
Lip Balms
The most silky and hydrating lip balm I have ever come across. The smell is light and sweet. My lips feel delicious!"

Victoria, May 2018
Scrubs and Shower Gels
My new favorite scrub! I love body scrubs and this has stolen my heart. The scent is very delicious. The texture was great for exfoliation but not abrasive like some. You'll enjoy it if you are looking for a scrub, this is it."

Clifetta, June 2018
Hand Cream
Delicious and sophisticated...I NEED this as a perfume!"

Christina, May 2018
My First. And it's everything.
While I was taking the scent quiz thingy, I couldn't help but roll my eyes a little; I mean, how accurate can it really be? My sense of adventure won over my practical nature and I decided to order one of the fragrances the site recommended. I never would have picked it myself, based on the description. Imagine my utter shock when I spritzed this on myself and couldn't get enough of it. Also - a bottle of this stuff costs about $110 which I just don't think I would spend; I'm kind of a commitment-phobe in the area of scent and enjoy changing it up. This program and this fragrance far exceed my expectations. Looking forward to the following months!"

Harmony, March 2018
Scentbird has always been the digital destination for discovering designer fragrances, but that's not the only thing this cult beauty site offers subscribers. Beauty, skincare and must-have makeup brands are all now available to try, monthly.

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