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This subscription service delivers designer cologne or perfume to your door for $15 a month
Buying cologne or perfume can be a huge headache — literally.
Scentbird, a monthly subscription-based service, allows you to choose from thousands of designer fragrances and delivers a 30-day supply right to your door.
It only costs $15 each month, and gets progressively cheaper when you choose longer subscription periods.
No matter your gender or where you go to shop, the process of purchasing fragrances is usually both expensive and headache-inducing.

The smell of perfumes and colognes being spritzed and sprayed everywhere can be completely overwhelming to the senses. I don't think there was ever a time that I walked into Sephora or a Macy's cosmetics department and thought to myself, "Wow, I can really breathe in here!"

In an effort to make buying fragrances a little less overbearing and a little more cost-effective, a relatively new startup called Scentbird has created a new way of exploring perfumes and colognes — this time from the comfort of your own home.

Scentbird uses a subscription-based model to send a 30-day supply of your choice of designer perfume or cologne right to your door each month. They have thousands of colognes and perfumes from both new and legacy brands (like Versace, Gucci, and Tom Ford) so you can opt for the ones you know and love, or experiment with some scents and brands you've never heard of. The whole idea, according to the brand, is that you'll be able to "date perfumes before you marry them."

If you're worried about buying fragrances online, I get it. But honestly, don't be afraid to try! The site includes a profile of each fragrance with a breakdown of all the notes and layers it comprises so you get a better sense of how it smells. You can even sort their offerings by scent type, occasion, personality, and season.

Basically, Scentbird makes the process of sampling and building out your fragrance collection a whole lot less expensive than buying travel-sized bottles from department stores.
Here's how it works:

Your first order includes a handy travel case with a spray nozzle that connects to each fragrance vial. The cases come in 10 different colors for a personalized touch, and the perfumes can be swapped out however frequently you like. Each month, you'll pop a new fragrance into your queue on the website (they'll remind you to do this).

You can sign up on a monthly basis or an every-other-month basis for $14.95 per shipment, or choose from three-, six-, or 12-month packages that offer long-term savings. Here are the pricing breakdowns:

  • 3-month package ($43.50, savings of $1.50)
  • 6-month package ($84, savings of $6)
  • 12-month package ($162, savings of $17)
The brand has also started introducing home scent and body products into the mix, so you can mix and match or make one-time purchases of their in-house line of scrubs, washes, and candles. You can also buy additional fragrance vials of scents you know you love, or make one-time purchases of full-sized bottles.

If you've been looking to expand out your fragrance collection, using Scentbird is a super affordable and easy way to do it. No headaches necessary.
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