TAURUS Perfume Horoscope

April 20-May 20
The Passionate Hedonist.
Element: Earth

Ruled by Venus, Taurus is an empathetic sign unaffected by the influence of others.
Feminine and hedonistic, you are dedicated to making the most of life's pleasures. You simply cannot resist pampering yourself with luxurious products, but you enjoy the simple stuff (which, after all, are your favorite type of things). That is how you keep your life in balance.
Those born under this sign have an eye for art. An eye for beauty. They strongly dislike doing anything in a rush, simply because they utterly believe perfection cannot be rushed.
If you are born under this sign, then you are very faithful. When you love, you love with all your heart.
This sign is ruled by Venus. Taurus women are undeniably attracted to sensual scents with an earthy bite, packed in artistic bottles.
Astrological Power Scents of Taurus Woman:
ETAT LIBRE D`ORANGE Bijou Romantique
Bijou Romantique shines with sunlit Italian lemons and bergamot, while popping pink berries add a quick shot of spice to a trusting heart of powdered iris, soft ylang ylang, fresh coconut and clary sage.
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Molinard's Vanille is the top of the mountain for vanilla fans. A top note of vanilla flower adds a green hint, that quickly fades into an ultra-voluptuous, spicy vanilla pod and sumptuous "greedy vanilla" accord. The base includes a dash of smoky benzoin, but this scent is tailor-made for the purists.
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The bright scent of freshly-picked raspberries floats over tuberose and iris. Luscious, creamy, jasmine pairs with lighter-than-air orange blossom and neroli, with each note making your patisserie cravings take over in the worst way. MMMM is delicious, sweet, temptation and it knows it from the first spray on your wrist.
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Stella McCartney's Stella displays an earnest heart filled with breathtakingly sensual and fully feminine roses, brushed by peony's light breeze. A sheer mandarin top note delicately gilds the tender rose petals, while a spiced and assertive amber note deepens the silky mystery.
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